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Kakka International School

kakka International School, Nalkheda is well equitted to grow in synergy with the environment of fast growing educational scenario as a “Learing School” which will turn out well groomed, responsible,confident and caring boys and girls with the postive and balanced outlook. The kakka International School(KIS) is all geared to deliever what the parents ardently desire and what the children deserve,KIS will provide a complete and contemporary educational,experience for today’s child. The will offer education of CBSE pattern ,combining a broad curriculam with a full program outside the classroom and the efficiency of current technology.The curriculam has been involved to achieve a balance between the academics and the development of the body and mind.Children at the will learn a subject though a combination of techniques finally tuned to correspond to the stage in the development process of different age groups.In order to achieve this objective the school is comprised of the infrastructural needs.Such as a state of art computer lab, library, reading room, audio visul aids, and e-library.

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